Clematis integrifolia ‘Caerulea’

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Or, Bushy Blue Bells Clematis for those not into Latin. So far, a neat little plant that sprawls rather than climbs like other Clematis.


In the beginning…there was a field of weeds

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Maybe i should start at the beginning. I should also apologize. I’m not even go to try to make this readable; it’s just going to be a journal with pictures. When it’s all set and done, i might come back and put it together properly.

Robin and i bought a house this spring. For financial (i.e. Socialist) reasons the process felt somewhat rushed, and there wasn’t a whole lot for us to choose from. That being said, we ended up buying the first house that struck our fancy, and it suited our wants pretty much perfectly. Continue reading ‘In the beginning…there was a field of weeds’

Tribulations transplanting full grown shrubs

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This wasn’t something i planned to do. The area wasn’t even slated for development yet. But my nursery partner, Linda, proposed to gift me a shrub. Her late aunt had given her a Nikko Blue hydrangea that needed to go. Linda’s an outstanding gardener, but a Zone 5 hydrangea in Zone 3/4 is a tall order. She made it grow, it just wouldn’t flower. As the shrub had sentimental value, she wanted it to go to a good home. That’d be me. Better yet, i’m zoned correctly for it.

So i chose to cut in and build a bed from the deck post that forms part of the “door” out from under the deck (i.e. it lines up with the basement door), curving to meet the bottom of the stairs down from the deck. I knew i’d put a bed there, but not when or what it would be planted with.
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Drop the chicken and no one gets hurt

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So i was just walking down the street the other day and this guy in a trenchcoat sidled up to me and offered me some milk. Now i’ll partake in a little cabbage now and again…recreationally, of course and i disagree that it’s gateway produce because i never touch milk. On special occasions i’ll even fool around with beets, but i’m not “in the scene” or anything. Good thing too, because The Man is starting to crack down.

Now i don’t know about you, but i’m pretty sure that we have better things to spend tax dollars on than busting raw milk rings.
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The Wright St. Experimental Agriculture Station

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By next year i plan to have raised beds in production, but this year sees all my vegetable work on Wright St. It’s the original home of the greenhouse business, on the third lot, down the gully and across Badger Creek. It used to be home to vegetable gardens, but that was years ago. This is year two of working the plot, and it has been much easier this year.

I call it the experimental ag station because i have a pretty well guaranteed supply of fresh produce from the CSA. I’ll use whatever i produce, but i’m not counting on it for my fresh tomatoes. To be fair, my winter plan had been to sink a good deal of sweat equity – and even cash money – into the area this season. Then we bought a house with a 50 x 150 lot that’s been terribly neglected for at least two decades. (That’s a different series of blog posts for different days.) So Wright St. went in on a shoestring with what time i could find.

Pictures and stuff below…
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Crises of Capitalism

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From the RSA Animate series, much more to be found here

CAFE sucks

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This week saw a fine example of political gamesmanship from the Obama administration. He let down his base yet again by opening up certain portions of the U.S. coast to offshore petroleum drilling in an attempt to undercut his (supposed) foes across the aisle, and upped CAFE standards. The former has gotten a lot more press than the latter. Neither are quite what they seem.

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