Ok, i fucking hate writing bios but here goes…

I’m in my mid-thirties and finally “settled down” to some degree, tucked up on the southern shore of Lake Superior.  The winters can be gruelling, but the summers are glorious.  This is a place where liberals shoot large mammals and conservatives have composting toilets.  That sense of rugged individualism that America pats itself on the back for is not dead here.

I was once accused of living my life as a collection of short stories rather than sitting down to a Russian length novel; no suprise that, i’ve always liked short stories better than novels anyhow.  But now life looks a little more long-term and i’ve accepted that…well, actually, i’ve embraced it.  No more running.

But i found my fair share by running.  I’ve seen a few places and a few things.  I’ve gotten a fishing boat captain to take me to 37′ 60″ in the Yellow Sea…as close as he was willing to get to N. Korea with a boat full of sightseeing tourists.  I’ve seen babushka fist fights in Moscow and gone to Murmansk for the weekend in January.  I’ve jumped off of mountains in Austria and shared a pint of cheap vodka with a semi-homeless street musician in Detroit.  But the list of things i haven’t done exceeds the list of things done.

I currently make my living by the sweat of my brow, outdoors 40 hrs/wk regardless of the weather.  There is much to recommend the simple life, at least for me and the sake of my sanity.

I read a lot.  Education is something you do, not something you receive.

I have no political affiliation, and i’m philosophically opposed to political parties.  I am neither conservative nor liberal, and i am both.  Maybe small “l” libertarian is the best political description.  And i’m a cynic from top to bottom…or a realist, whatever you want to call it.

And i like plants…probably more than i like people.  I tend towards the edible and the odd.  And i’m very interested in hydro/aquaponics; intensive, greenhouse agriculture; and totally controlled enivronment agriculture.

I was raised without religion, but studied it at university.  It remains a hobby.

I passed all the testing and was given a provisional job offer (assuming completion of security clearance) from the Department of State.  Really i just did the testing for the fun of it, and knew that i couldn’t throw myself into the maw of bureaucratic foreign policy that factors in everything except common sense.  If statesmanship ever trumps politics (from either side), then i might go back and test again.  Otherwise i’ll keep out of a situation that i know will drive me crazy.

Were i to win the lottery tomorrow (and had i started buying lottery tickets yesterday), i would be on a Greek island by next week.  Fiddling with water to make lots of plants grow is how i’d spend my days, and the nights would be spent reading books.

Falling that i’d like to learn the pedal steel guitar and make a name in the Country and Western scene playing cowboy jazz with the Snow Cowboys.  (Sorry,  you’d probably have to be a Yooper to get the band name.)

I have an opinion on just about everything, but my opinion is just that.  Opinions are like advice…which, my grandfather is quick to point out, is free for a reason: that’s how much it’s worth.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. I’m pleased you put up a real bio. I had wanted to ask you if you studied religion. You have an enormous grasp of the subject and it appears that you continue this study daily.

    Lottery, or not, I wish you joy on the road you walk.

    Thank goodness for opinions.

  2. I agree, I quite like your bio. I must say that it describes you perfectly. Really.

  3. He has an enormous brain and is enormously cool man, good to see a real description of someone grand, who would not consider himself as such. I think this a really accurate description. Have a good one mister…

  4. And i like plants…probably more than i like people. I tend towards the edible and the odd.

    Me too! Looking for a Voodoo Lily just now. It’s just ugly, except for when it’s beautiful. And odd. [I also favor poison plants. I know, weird.]
    BTW, pedal steel players are odd, too. This bio really entertains me. As has all I’ve read so far. Loved visiting.

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