Wright St. experimental ag station update

Summer sure has progressed, and truth be told it all of a sudden feels like fall in the great white north. (It’s not, at least i hope not.)

I’m profoundly happy with the decision to double dig plots and not till what became rows. Close planting has kept weeds to a minimum in the plots and unplanted areas have been easy to keep clear by simply scraping a square-tipped digging spade across the ground. I’ve spent very little time dealing with weeds and it doesn’t show.

Things are moving along…

The corn has been something of a failure. It got infested with what appear to be some sort of aphid and i dealt with the issue a little late. I’ll be happy with a half dozen ears at this point.

The poor potatoes not only got flooded out because i’m a brilliant idiot, but then had to fight slugs. I’ll probably be able to dig some out, but not a whole lot.

Slugs have been the big issue this year. I’ve been pretty consistent with bait, but nature’s been pretty consistent with rain too. I lost the tops on just about a whole row of booming yellow bush beans in full production. I’ve gotten quite a bit from them, and they’re bouncing back now. Maybe i’ll get another full flush.

Something (i assume slugs) at the leaves, but not the stems, on a hill of cukes ready to explode, but it continued to produce and has bounced back. One hill has struggled for reasons unknown. The other, from seed, is just now starting to fruit heavily.

Peppers are monstrous, producing and, if the weather holds, will have had a great year.

Onions are probably ready for pulling, but they aren’t hurting anyone where they are.

Broccoli all headed nicely and i’ve got a third crop of side shoots that will probably love the week or so of cooler weather we’re told to expect. Cauliflower is ready to head and it all looks happy and healthy.

Acorn squash keeps dropping fruit. I suspect a pollination issue because the plant is otherwise very healthy and vigorous. Yellow zucchini is producing, but losing some fruit to end rotting. I should have put it in a drier spot of the garden.

Eggplant took a while, but it’s an impressive sight now. Full of ripening fruit, some of which is ready to pick and much more is on the way.

Carrots aren’t ready.

Tomatoes, well, look the fuck out if they get enough time to ripen everything. Grapes and Romas are ripening now. Everything else is loaded with fruit and ready. Some fungus issues, but that’s to be expected with the wetness and the garden not getting hard sun until almost noon. I started hacking them back two weeks ago and i’ll probably have to do it again.

All in all, not a bad year so far…especially given how little energy went into it at the start.


~ by Lex on August 15, 2010.

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