Nearly two years ago i purchased a “Goldfish Plant” (i’m too friggin’ lazy to look up the botanical name, sorry) at the farmer’s market. Just a little starter plant. It’s grown decently, if slowly over that time but never deigned it worthwhile to grace me with the show from which its name derives. Until recently. One flower formed but dropped before it opened. Then another formed and opened.


~ by Lex on February 3, 2010.

7 Responses to “Success”

  1. Your plant is growing up! Does that plant also go by the name lipstick plant? I have one of those – it looks like your goldfish plant only the bloom is red.

  2. I think that i have the Goldfish, and while from pictures Goldfish and Lipstick look almost exactly alike they’re actually different…not just species but genus too. (see, you made me look it up:) ) Is the lipstick plant bloom a true red? It’s hard to tell from the pictures, my goldfish blooms are an orange.

    I will say that in reward, she/it’ll get a new pot and some goodies mixed in the soil…and maybe if i’d done that six months ago it would have already bloomed.

  3. The blooms are certainly more red than orange.

  4. I tried to add a photo to that reply, but either I did the coding wrong or it’s not allowed. If you care it’s in flickr at the top of my account.

  5. Is it on your Flickr? I’d be happy to go look. Yeah, i’ve never been able to get photos and videos to go into comments, but i’m no computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination.

    Glad you’re feeling better, Dawn.

  6. Thanks, this was a really butt kicking rotten cold. Who knew the body could have so much snot in it. šŸ™‚

    Yep, picture is in my flickr account. It’s one of the current images as I loaded it in to share.

    Are you getting lots of snow too? My family in the DC area is getting buried.

  7. Definitely a different plant, but i like it! I guess i’ll start looking for a little lipstick plant and trying to find some room around the windows.

    They say it’ll start snowing this afternoon. (scratch that, the forecast changed) No, and the radar makes it look like there’s nothing heading our way…nothing of consequence anyhow. So far, winter has pretty much skipped us this year. Granted, that’s relative, because it has snowed and there have been cold days. But massive accumulation and temps below the mid-teens have been rare. That’s ok with me. The last two have been brutal.

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