Gratitude journal

So yeah, i’m pissed off over the SCOTUS decision in a way that should (and probably will) provoke a rant capable of making a brothel full of sailors blush. But never mind that for the moment. I titled this “Gratitude journal” for a reason. This morning i spent the first hour or so of work doing some snow removal; i went back to the grind last Thursday and at least some portion of every day has included snow removal. A few of those days have been completely devoted to it. There hasn’t been any of it done since the first snow fell because no one’s been on the main property.

This, as you might guess, is a pretty big job. Multiple forms of shovels, a snowblower, and a Kubota L4400 tractor…45 diesel horsepower, 4WD and a locker…form my array of tools.

Like i said, i was doing such work this morning and stopped to consider how lucky i am. By the end of today i had all the necessary stuff done; a slew of the “it would be nice to take care of that” stuff; and even the snowscaping details that will make life going into the growing season much easier.

I’m grateful because even if the rest of this winter comes down like the fury of a woman scorned, it will still be easier than last year. So i’m grateful to the weather gods today for blessing me with a fairly mild winter that hasn’t required near death avalanche experiences trying to save a greenhouse and shit like that.

And as a reward for recognizing that i have reason to be grateful, the weather gods let me enjoy a day of snowshoeing in the woods with sun and something like 31 degrees, while i swung my redneck samurai sword and pruned trees.


~ by Lex on January 21, 2010.

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