What is to be done?

Ian Welsh provides some of the best, most thoughtful analysis you’ll find on the internet. And far better than what you’ll find in corporate newspapers and television. I’d suggest stopping by his place on a regular basis.

Today he took on why the President and his party are currently looking at losing close to half their voters in 2010. The demented idea of health care “reform” and prioritizing the financial sector are not the fundamental issues. At its root, the problem is one of class. You and i (certainly the latter) are not part of the elite, our representation is part of the elite.

Elected Democrats at the Federal level are members of the national elite. If they weren’t a member when they were elected, they are quickly brought into the fold. They are surrounded by lobbyists, other members and staffers who were lobbyists, as a rule. They learn they need to raise immense amounts of money in the off years when normal people aren’t giving, and that the only way to raise that money is for corporate interests and rich people to write them. They also receive the benefits of elite status, very quickly. It’s not an accident that the every Senator except Bernie Sanders is wealthy.

Whatever Americans think, whether they support a public option or single payer; whether they’re for or against Iraq or Afghanistan; whether they agree with bailing out banks or not, elite consensus is much much narrower than American public opinion. It starts at the center right and heads over to reactionary (repeal the entire progressive movement and the New Deal, taking America back to the 1890s).

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Peasants, workers or the proletariat are of very little concern, at least until the unwashed masses get truly restless…if they do. Unfortunately, such restlessness in modern America will probably be quite violent and ugly. I don’t know what to do.

How does one work from within a corrupt system to correct it? Failing that, what else is to be done?

Hat Tip to Nikolai Chernyshevsky for the big question, and no, i am not suggesting that a dictatorship of the proletariat is the answer to the question.


~ by Lex on January 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “What is to be done?”

  1. Depends how corrupt the system is, I suspect. At this point, it seems to be very corrupt at the top, and not very corrupt at the worker level. As long as that is true, there may be hope.

    Beyond that, though, I don’t have much idea. The idea of working on the House to make it more progressive seems doable, given a few more election cycles. How to change the Senate and the President is another matter. At least one of them needs to be changed, but as long as political campaigns work the way they do now, with big money being fundamental to a candidate’s chances, that’s not going to be easy.

  2. Depressing isn’t it.

    The money seems like an insurmountable wall. People only have one power – vote. Keep voting these men and women out until you get leaders that value the people not the power.

    You’d think that would make sense to people, but they often vote against their own best interests.

    Dropping out of the process shouldn’t be an option. Another player not mentioned in the post – but with just as big a stake in the status quo – the media.

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