Wendell Berry

Over at Scholars and Rogues, Mr. Berry is on the masthead. Wufnik wrote his Scrogue biography, and while i’ve had some exposure to Berry in small doses on the subject of organic agriculture i’ve never sat down to a whole book. My loss, but one which i recently rectified. I picked up Citizenship Papers from the library…it was the only Berry left in the stacks.

I can’t recommend it enough. It makes a fine antidote to some other recent reading and that nagging feeling that things here in the States are going to get far worse before they get better.

Berry is one of those informed, rational and articulate people that the founders saw as necessary. Patriotic dissent is necessary for the function and perfection of a union such as ours. That Berry speaks for localism and those of calloused hands doesn’t endear him to the intellectual Left, but it should since the Left has a hard time relating to the people it purportedly represents and works to protect.

In any case, one of the essays is really a list of short thoughts (“Thoughts in the Presence of Fear”). I’m going to post one or two a day here until they’re exhausted or i get a cease and desist order from Mr. Berry.


~ by Lex on December 16, 2009.

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