It’s all about the modern architecture

From The Guardian:

“International drug cartels have abandoned the US dollar for high denomination euros to launder millions in illegal profits, Europol has revealed.”

Apparently, it is not all about the Benjamins anymore. The cartel reasoning is solid. (International crime is probably the most rational market player.) One 500 Euro note makes a stack of Bejamins. But the fact that laundering activities are now Euro denominated should be worrying. That’s more financial activity than we’d care to admit; it’s also significant in our economy.

Then there’s the loss of faith and psychology of impending collapse to be considered. The currency of exchange is about all we have. The Chinese are still in the ballroom but the rats are heading overboard.


~ by Lex on December 11, 2009.

One Response to “It’s all about the modern architecture”

  1. Who is paying attention to this kind of activity? Wait, wrong question – who is acting on this piece of information?

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