Maybe time to get a second job

As much as i loathe labor and as little as i care for consumer trappings, i am tempted to get a second job to start saving for late next summer when those savings could be used to purchase a 2011 Ford Fiesta. Of course, it won’t even be my daily driver; it will replace the GrandAm.

Snazzy little car, isn’t it? Though only 60% of the parts are shared with its European counterpart, it’s basically a European car modified for sale in the US. Unlike Americans, Europeans are serious about their small cars and this one is already such a hit across the pond that there’s a waiting list for the right hand drive version.

The changes that have been made do detract from interior and exterior aesthetics. It has a fatter nose to hose a bigger front bumper, which means that the Euro fog lights have been replaced with those weird light tube “driving lights”. The interior got more cup holders and dash adjustments because US regulations stipulate that the car must protect people who aren’t wearing seatbelts. Funny, i thought wearing a seatbelt was a law.

It would sure be nice if the North America and Europe would share safety regulations. I’m sure Ford would be happy since it wouldn’t have to substantially rework a car it sells on both sides of the pond.

There have also been some suspension tweaks to handle shitty, all-season radial tires…Americans being apparently incapable of owning two sets of tires and being willing to sacrifice performance and handling for the “convenience” of not having to change tires twice a year.

Even the automatic transmission Ford’s putting in the car looks decent, though one entering our driveway would be of the row your own variety because automatic transmissions are against my religion. And keep in mind that what Americans associate with underpowered small cars is most often due to the fact that Americans put shitty automatic transmissions in small cars. Small engines need to rev high to get their power and most automatics won’t let that happen unless you’re abusing the accelerator pedal.

30 mpg in the city and 40 on the highway sounds fine by me, and the real numbers are probably higher since the EPA mandates driving a car like an idiot for the tests…which i suppose makes it realistic for Americans.

It would be awesome if Ford sticks the 2.0 Liter engine in (god forbid the 2.0 Ecoboost, that little car would be a frightening monster with that), but for now it will be the 1.6 which gives you 119 horsepower. With a manual transmission in a car that size, it will be plenty…and as long as Ford hasn’t softened the suspension too much for the American market it will be plenty of fun too.

Those 119 horses under the hood are enough to keep you ahead of the baddies under certain circumstances…circumstances you’ll see if you take the 12 minutes to watch this video. The video, by the way, is the absolute pinnacle of television automotive journalism and hilarious too.

Baddies scare me, so i feel that it’s worth a second job in order to be properly prepared.

Image Credit: Jalopnik (and if you click the link, there are more pics and more words on the car i covet)


~ by Lex on December 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Maybe time to get a second job”

  1. Those guys at Top Gear are HYSTERICAL. The end of that video just about killed me. 🙂

    I think though you might want to own this. I can see it’s practical uses.

  2. That is a classic Top Gear bit. In the last episode of the new season (British new season), they turned a camping trailer into a blimp so that they could caravan with a Lamborghini.

    Maybe i should put a cap on the truck and do some interior decorating back there….

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