Less same more change, please

I don’t think about Guantanamo Bay much, though i feel that i should. The political class probably likes my ignorance, but i haven’t gotten used to the idea of my nation behaving exactly as the tyranny it supposedly opposes. I never will. That the United States even has a “detainee policy” is proof that the War on Terror is over and we lost.

Like i said, i don’t follow the issue as closely as i should so i don’t know the ins and outs. But i know someone who does. Please take a few minutes to read Andy Worthington’s Idealists Leave Obama’s Sinking Ship.

Last week, lawyer, ex-Army Captain and Iraq veteran Phillip Carter, described by Glenn Greenwald as “a very harsh critic of the Bush administration’s detention and interrogation policies,” suddenly resigned his post as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Policy, which he had occupied since April. Carter claimed that he was leaving due to “personal issues,” which may be true, but as Greenwald noted, “the policies Obama has adopted in the last six months in the very areas of Carter’s responsibilities were ones Carter vehemently condemned when implemented by Bush.”

~ by Lex on December 1, 2009.

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