Gorbachev on the end of the Cold War

~ by Lex on November 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Gorbachev on the end of the Cold War”

  1. There’s a lot worth listening to in what Mikhail Sergeyevich says, his pre-election speech calling for an American perestroika (and the ovation it received) is, to my mind, seminal.

    There was some talk before Obama took office that he would be the American Gorbachev; as much as i believe that the US does need a Gorbachev figure, i cannot see Obama as that figure. Events to date seem to have proven me correct. There are, of course, several differences. One difference being that Gorbachev did not have to worry about domestic political opposition in the way that Obama does. The biggest difference, though, is that Gorbachev was committed to serious change, not using it as a campaign slogan. In the end, that commitment made him very unpopular with the people (you can’t take away vodka and expect to be loved in Russia) and many in his own government.

    He was a great statesman who put his personal desires for power below doing what he knew was right. That’s why Obama is no Gorbachev.

  2. Withdrawal should be the goal (from Afghanistan)

    Anyone listening????

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