A pox on both your houses

Congressional Democrats teared up and patted their own backs last night because they passed the health insurance industry protection bill. The normal apologists are telling us to look past all the nefarious components of the bill because this is such a significant step towards reform. No, no it is not. And the few portions of it that might truly be called steps towards reform will almost certainly be gutted in the Senate. The bill that the President will proudly sign into law will amount to nothing more than a preemptive bailout of the health insurance industry. The real costs–social and monetary–will kicked down the road for someone else to handle. And the Democrats will claim their liberal-reformist credentials.

We need health care reform, no question about that. This isn’t it. This isn’t even designed to be it, but only to look like it so that the spineless leadership of the Democratic Party can declare a victory for itself. And there’s the important part. The Democratic Party is looking for a victory for the party, not for the people it represents. Were the Democratic Party fighting for a victory in the name of its constituents, the bill would not look anything like what was passed.

Bah and humbug to the argument that a real reform bill wouldn’t get passed the “blue dog” Democrats in the House. How do we know that? Real reform was never even discussed, much less attempted. The Kucinich amendment, which would have given states the right to establish single payer systems, was not even allowed for a vote. That would be the Democratic leadership who decided that single payer, even on an individual state basis, is off the table. But the Stupak amendment not only got a vote, but got whipped to help it pass.

So there you have it, “reform” in the Democratic dictionary is defined by writing laws that deny funding for a legal procedure while shutting down anything that might truly threaten the monopoly of the insurance companies. Reform is mandating that i purchase insurance without giving me a good option to purchase.

What could we expect from the party who ran on “we’ll end the Iraq War” and then voted right along with the war when it came to power. Why be surprised by the party that campaigned on helping the American people against the greed of Wall Street profiteers and then handed those same profiteers the keys to the treasury.

The GOP can best be described as malicious with a fair sprinkling of incompetence. The Democratic Party is incompetent with a fair sprinkling of  maliciousness. And they’re both craven, grovelling for the largess of their big financial contributors.

I only have one vote, and i cannot vow to stop contributing to the Democrats because i’ve never contributed to the Democratic Party or any of its candidates. But i hereby solemnly swear that i shall never vote for any candidate representing the Democratic Party. (Don’t worry, i made the same promise to myself about the Republican Party a long time ago.)

That’s it, i’m done…washing my hands of the sons-a-bitches. If they’re unwilling to vote for me, why in god’s name should i vote for them? And there will be no exceptions, because a good (or even great) candidate will surely be ruined by the affiliation and party machinations. Both parties are a pox upon our nation…and the few good examples–like Kucinich–are ostracized and marginalized by their own parties.


~ by Lex on November 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “A pox on both your houses”

  1. Fine.
    But the majority of Americans rejected the idea of a single-payer system. They did, however, overwhelmingly support the policies in this bill. And aren’t they supposed to represent the will of the people?

  2. I’d love to see some third party candidates emerge. Real people living real lives. I read your bio and you certainly seem like that kind of person. Be thankful you aren’t chained to a cubible… but I digress.

    We’ll never see that third party candidate because you have to be rich to run for just about any office. So getting a real person, who knows what the collective “we” goes through each day isn’t likely.

    Hang in there… our current political situation may result in a person emerging as a real leader that none of us has on the radar.

  3. Did the majority of Americans reject the idea of single-payer? The Obama administration rejected the idea, as did the Democratic leadership…but they aren’t the majority of Americans.

    The policies of this bill will not address the problems in American health care; they’re not designed to address those problems. A bill without single-payer could have been put together that would address the problems. The public option in this bill is so weak that it might as well be non-existent. It will not slow down (though it may increase) the likelihood of Americans being forced into bankruptcy because of medical bills.

    And watch what happens to the decent aspects of this bill in the Senate: they’ll be eviscerated. This is a preemptive bailout. The Dems and Obama are not concerned with the American people; their concern is for their corporate sponsors. But it won’t matter, as the Dems will be out of power again in short order…and through their own actions.

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