Fare thee well…

So today was the day that my brother crammed the last bits of stuff into a 17 foot U-Haul and headed off into what would be the sunset if they weren’t driving south and it wasn’t early afternoon. But, hey, they’ll eventually turn west and they’ll be on the road for at least 24 hours, so there will be a sunset involved.

More mixed feelings after the jump.

Of course this is sad. He’s my brother. Our age difference meant that i was long gone during his formative, teen years. He just sort of grew up in spurts between my not-so-frequent trips home. Years ago now i came here to spend a few months with him. I’m still here, and he’s on his way.

I’ll miss him. He’s not only my brother, he’s one of my best friends. For years now he’s been no more than a couple minutes away, and it will be strange without him. It’s not just the one other person who’s sure to get my humor; it’s also the one person who i knew i could turn to no matter what.

And, shit, i’m not used to being the one standing there waving while someone else hits the road. It’s a lot less fun when all the excitement is vicarious.

But it’s the right thing for him to do and i am excited for him. I’m excited for all three of them, because his cohorts are my friends too. Honorary brothers, if you will. I just wish that i could have streaming video of all three guys doing 20+ hours in the cab of a U-Haul…with a cat. My guess is that there will be some funny moments, maybe funnier in the “laughing at you” way than the “laughing with you”, but funny none-the-less.

Hell, they barely got out of town before having to return because Metal Mike forgot his diabetes medicine. I imagine that there will be plenty more hi-jinks of that sort along the way.

So anyway…i spent all weekend composing what were to be these thoughts in my head. But frankly, the words are falling short of the emotions. And these emotions will be short-lived in any case. I’ll see him again. The bummers will be when i feel like giving him a call to sit around and do nothing together, or not being able to invite him over for a Sunday dinner. I’m not, however, willing to be selfish about this. For every bummer there will be a call, text or e-mail about something new and exciting that’s happening to him. I look forward to those and plan for them to out number the bummers.

So, gentlemen, good luck…god speed…and good times.




~ by Lex on November 1, 2009.

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