OMFG Prez sez Kaynes a jackass

Oh hell, MTV plays what certainly looks like a bad public relations stunt replete with silly hair and some acting that makes the WWF look Shakespearean and the next thing you know the internets are all blowing up because Barack Obama called Kanye West a jackass.

That may, or may not, be true. Until yesterday i hadn’t paid much attention to Kanye. (Actually, i suspect that is true on general principle.) I’ve seen the “Fishsticks” episode, and laughed at college kids wearing  Kanyesque sunglasses…but that’s about it. So, yeah, MTV, you win: i’m talking about your product.

So’s the president. He probably should have better things to do than worry about the VMA’s, there’s always brush that needs to be cut. Regardless, now we’ve got the first almost all the way black president calling another black man a jackass. Two wars, a recession, an attempt to reform health care, people going bat-shit crazy, and now this. I sure hope it won’t be a distraction.

But let’s focus on what’s really fucked up about this whole thing. Some dude that i’ve never heard of decided to text the world this juicy bit of gossip. How apropos that Jackass gate would begin, “OMFG Prez sez Kaynes a jackass ROFLMAO”.

I want to know what’s going on in the world. I really do, but off-the-record is just that. It exists for a reason. If we want our politicians to behave like real people, we might not want to punish them for being real people. The real jackass is the one who’s so giddy that he can’t shut the fuck up when it is time to do so. Save the breaches of decorum for times when it matters. If Barack Obama had said, “Fuck them and their public option.” Or, “After breakfast tomorrow we’ll be bombing Tehran.” Ok, tweet us.

Otherwise, act like a god-damned grown up. And use the internet for what it’s mean for…


~ by Lex on September 14, 2009.

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