The hundred and eighty third time’s a charm

One hundred and eighty-three times.  It must have been that last one that made KSM say, “Oh fuck it, what do you want me to say?  Where do I sign?”  Any in-depth reading of the depravity to which the Gestapo and the SS sunk tells the story that we don’t want to hear.  Any perusing of the memoirs penned by those who managed to walk out of the Lubyanka sings the same refrain.  There should be no surprise in any of this.  Don’t be surprised by the insects, and don’t be surprised when we someday find out about the rubber hoses and the 12V batteries attached to genitalia.

Any surprise is either a result of willful ignorance or the feigned sort that the Obama administration is proffering.  We certainly should not be surprised by the political manipulation of the issue.  Release the memos and the damning evidence with one hand, and sign the motion to prevent prosecution with the other.

There’s a very good reason that a government of Democratic control is not interested in seeing all this placed on the scales of justice: the upper echelons of the Democratic Party knew all about it.  They didn’t raise a finger to stop it then and have no intention of being dragged down with it now.

We all knew it was going on.  Senator Obama knew it was happening; he knew that the United States of Freedom and Democracy was torturing.  I must have missed the impassioned political oratory on the Senate floor calling on America to follow its better nature and rise above the level of totalitarian behavior.

Instead we get a “closure” of Guantanamo while arguing for Bagram to be free of legal meddling so that nobody can poke around the bloodstains.  We’ve gotten rock-solid assurances that all those black sites are “closed”, or will be closing, or might be closing if they’re not too valuable in our War on the Unnamed..since we don’t want to call it the War on Terror anymore.

Let me know when hope manages to change this sorry state of affairs, and do not bring the argument that we must “make Obama” do the right thing.  It seems to me that he swore on the Bible of his choice to uphold the Constitution.  That oath includes all treaties that the United States has signed and ratified, meaning all four Geneva Conventions that we spent the last eight years breaking. (and are almost assuredly still breaking)

If the man does not have the backbone to do what’s right then he has no more claim to lead this faltering union than his predecessor.

Until then we are no better than Nazi Germany, Stalin’s USSR, or any number of tin-pot dictatorships throughout history.


~ by Lex on April 19, 2009.

One Response to “The hundred and eighty third time’s a charm”

  1. Lex,

    Great article


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