Who’s there?

As it turns out, i got a little sun today.  It seems too early for the “second knock” (in the Russian system of predicting when spring will come to stay…”Spring must knock three times before Winter lets it in.”)  Maybe counting the February thaw was wrong, but it was a week of warm temperatures…too much to discount.  The forecast looks pleasant ten days out – with some spots of around freezing highs – and the low pressure front looks like it’s running north of the Lake.

I guess we’ll see, but given that my face took on some color after today it is probably time to lose the beard.  Fucker’s hot in a greenhouse and methinks that a beard tan would be a strange way to start the year.

I can hope that we’re into the second knock, even considering that in these parts winter usually slams the door when it finally does leave.

The greenhouses are filling up, and these sunny days mean pretty amazing growth.  It has been hot enough in the houses over the last few afternoons that the doors need to be flung open and (in some cases) fans turned running.  Outside, however, tis the season of mud.  That’s life, eh?  To hear the birds pretty well makes up for the puddle jumping.


~ by Lex on March 14, 2009.

One Response to “Who’s there?”

  1. It seems like spring is a little more well-deserved this year.

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