Knock, knock

And today’s weather report for the Great White North is greatly white, bordering on insanity.  It might have snowed all day, but the 35+ mph winds make it hard to tell exactly what’s new and what’s just moving from place to place.  Visibility – if you really want to call it that – varies between “hey, it’s white” and “where am i?”.  I’ll have to fix a 5’x8′ fence gate that caught a gust and got blown apart and off the post.  And i made one turn on the way home by figuring that it was about where i always turn. (Boldness is in direct propotion to ground clearance, disregarding the ability to drive all four wheels.)

Beauty and philosophy after the break…

This was the big problem i saw with a week of approaching 40 during the day.  First, it makes you soft.  Winter was obviously going to make a comeback, but you can’t help feel freer and easier.  Strange how quickly one stops appreciating that life is all around easier when it isn’t snowing.  And then “wham”, like a tire iron to the kneecap.

But what are ya gonna do?  Walk it off…

The lake is booming, wild and angry like the fury of a Shakespearean woman scorned.  And, frankly, she’s hot when she’s pissed off.

I watched the trees dance today.  Big, leafless birches still grab an amazing amount of wind, and without leaves you can see just how much the trunk is flexing before the wind dies and it snaps back…dissipating energy like a tuning fork.  The lack of leaves also makes the dance of the conifers more noticeable.  I’m sure that the creaking and groaning would be deafening if it carried over the wind.

I know that 35 mph is not terribly strong wind; i’ve seen much stronger with my own eyes…but somehow it feels stronger paired with cold and snow than it does paired with rain.

The highlight of the day was seeing a chunk of snow – not overly large (2 x2 x a few inches thick)- get lifted off of one greenhouse and sail through the air.  It actually managed to gain altitude in its 30 feet or so of flight before making a resounding impact on another house.  Plastic greenhouses are the same as ginormous drums.

I promised philosophy; i lied…how about folklore?  In Russia they say that Spring must knock three times before Winter will consent to let it in.  I’ve found this to be much more true than false.  For as punch in the gut as this storm feels because of the warm week, i take some comfort in a week of warm weather.  It wasn’t a fluke day, or even two.  It was real for a minute or two there, so i’m hoping that it qualifies as knock number one.


~ by Lex on February 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Knock, knock”

  1. Lex,

    That’s amazing that 40 is your upside. When it gets to 40 here, we’re huddled in blankets and freezing our asses off. In my case, when it’s 40, the cold fronts bring big waves and I put on the wetsuit, hood, and booties and go surfing. I got a waterproof housing for my i-Pod and waterproof earphones and having good music makes a surfing session a spiritual experience.


  2. Well, it is February. Actually, 40 is way to the upside. I’d imagine that surfing to music is about as good as it gets.

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