Busy, busy

I feel bad for not having put anything new, word wise, up in a few days.  I’ve got plenty of ideas but not as much time and energy…plus it may be time to break down and buy a second computer.

The stream of infant plants into the greenhouses is quickly moving from a trickle into a deluge.  They all need homes and to be put into those homes.  Petunias, bidens, some million bells, and a variety of others have arrived…mostly destined for hanging baskets.  We’ve always got the most amazing hanging baskets (pretty cheap too, considering) because we start them so early.  By the time Memorial Day comes around (generally the earliest that plants can be set out here), our 12″ petunia baskets are monsters.  Sticky, annoying monsters…but the customers love ’em.

But the best news is that the begonias have started arriving.  I love begonias, both the classic bedding variety and those used as houseplants.  I have a cane begonia with giant leaves speckled by metallic silver polkadots.  Usually i take a leftover plug or two home and keep them in the house to get some early flowers…and i had planned on doing some breeding this winter but just never got around to it.

Rumor has it that we’re to be buried in snow again over the next few days.  We’ll see, i don’t believe weatherpeople until i see it with my own two eyes.  In a way it would be for the best, as the dog sled races are this weekend and our previous winter wonderland was degraded by the near week of 40 degree temps.


~ by Lex on February 18, 2009.

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