A collection of tidal pool pictures i took long ago on the West Sea island of Baenglyong-do (there’s like 8 different ways to spell it), at some point i plan to write a memoir account of the week long solo camping trip that was quite the adventure.







~ by Lex on February 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “Aquaboogie”

  1. Hello I really like your blog, I would like a link exchange with you, I insert your blog to my favorite blogs 😉

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  2. Those are gorgeous – and I have to laugh. Look at the picture I just posted. Not as gorgeous as it’s Korean cousins…

    Please write about your camping.

  3. Thanks, Dawn, that’s pretty funny…must be an anemone kinda day.

    I will, as it was a most interesting experience all around.

  4. Marco, thank you for stopping by. You take beautiful photographs and i will proudly put your blog on my blogroll.

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