Street Smarts: Kermit and Gladys switch places


~ by Lex on February 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “Street Smarts: Kermit and Gladys switch places”

  1. Lex – I love that one. Kermit does bear a slight resemblance to Yodi with the cow gear on…

    Who/what would you be for another day?

  2. Why, that’s a good question…

    (the enormous pause for thought doesn’t translate well to electrons, but…)

    I think i’d be a fish, or maybe a dolphin. It would be neat to be waterborne.


  3. Bird, I think they have a glimpse of the world through god’s eyes.

    Have you read Rachel Carson’s Edge of the Sea? I think it’s her best work. You can read it when you are considering your aquatic alternative.

  4. I thought long and hard about bird too. My final reasoning for going aquatic was that i’ve skydived and parasailed a little, so i have some (albeit tiny) idea of what it’s like to soar above the world.

    I have not read that…put it on the list.

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