Now that’s more like it

After all the days of cold and snow and sweat and labor, yesterday began the task of bringing spring to the community.  Not that all the other stuff is over, but at least it’s now spiced up with trying to find another couple of square inches to put more life into the biodomes standing against the snowbanks.

There really isn’t much better than forcing yourself out of bed on a late winter morning, shivering to work, and then sliding open one of the greenhouse doors to enter a world of green at 70 degrees.  The To Do list is long and growing, when a FedEx truck is liable to show up at any time and drop of boxes containing hundreds and hundreds of plants.  So the only thing to do is tuck in and find them a home in some dirt.

Yesterday was 6120 geranium cuttings into plug trays.  Today will be as many hanging baskets as we can manage.  Every couple of days another greenhouse will “open” (heat turned on, plants finding a home) until the little sliver of Marquette where i spend the bulk of my time will be an island of spring in a sea of winter.

It’s the biggest fringe benefit of my job: enjoying spring while my fellow citizens are slogging through the end times of cold and cabin fever.


~ by Lex on February 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “Now that’s more like it”

  1. that sounds alright, i guess… slogging through all that stuff to stand over a hot grill and burn yourself repeatedly is probably better, though.

  2. I envy you that heady sensual experience of soil, warmth and new life. 6,120 geraniums – amazing, all sorts of varieties? Did you smell like geranium at the end of the day? 🙂

  3. Mostly just smell like dirt, but that smells like spring and it’s close enough. And we were working with the zonal and ivy geraniums so not much smell. But the days will come when i smell like flowers…or when everything sticks to me because i’ve been fiddling with giant petunia baskets all day.

    It was real nice this morning, some of the plugs come in near flowering (we pinch flowers off this early) and overnight one opened…purple-pink, the first flower of spring!

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