Rock is for rednecks

Today i went to the gas station to get diesel for the tractor.  It was great and i got a dougnut and hot chocolate too.  But the real fun started when i drove away from the pump.  Turning onto the highway coincided with G&R’s “Patience” coming on  the classic rock station.  As any red blooded person of my age would, i turned it way up.  And pulling into the left turn lane i started to do an exaggerated, Axl Rose stage slide dance…from the waist up.  With a car next to me, i thought i should check and see if the occupants were pointing and laughing.  They weren’t.  They hadn’t even noticed my existence.  It was a crew cab construction company pickup with at least three guys in it.  The driver almost looked like he was whistling.  I double took.  He was whistling, and he was whistling the intro to “Patience”.  I bet that they all were.


~ by Lex on February 5, 2009.

One Response to “Rock is for rednecks”

  1. LOL. Love this.

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