Vasilevsky Ostrov


Robin taught me how to use the scanner, so until i get off my sorry ass and get my negatives digitized i can at least make reasonible reproductions of the prints i still possess.  And since i’ve had Russia on my mind…

I taught myself photography in Russia with my grandfather’s hand-me-down Honeywell-Pentax SP100.  It’s a  beautiful camera in the same way my old Toyota is beautiful truck: designed to do what it’s meant to do very well.  Simple, yes, but another word for simple is elegant.  My education consisted of common sense and a willingness to burn film…helped along by amazing subjects to photograph all around me.

Summer nights in a place like St. Petersburg can make anyone feel National Geographically.  I had more failures than success trying to get the exposure right under those conditions, but the successes i had are some of my favorite pictures ever.

It was taken at night, late at night but i don’t remember the exact time.  I’m standing near the bronze horseman on the Neva River pointing the camera North-Northeast.  Yeah, North-Northeast (and i double checked that on a map moments ago.)


~ by Lex on January 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vasilevsky Ostrov”

  1. I can not thank you enough for the recommendation on Russian Ark. I watched it one time straight through. Then I watched the special features and the background provided by Sukurov. If I get time this evening I will watch it again.

    I was surprised at how many of the historical figures I was able to work out. I looked at the one fellow coming up the stairs and thought… Pushkin. I was right! I missed knowing the Director of the Hermitage in that dream like dark space with two other men.

    The items in the museum, heck the museum itself – are beyond words. Catherine the Great’s china!!! the treasures…

    An amazing accomplishment – and in one long take. 🙂

  2. P.S. – beautiful picture of Vasilevsky Ostrov.

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