Street Smarts: presidential transistions

Oh, do i have a treat for you.  The vaults of vintage Sesame Street have opened up serendipitously for the peaceful transistion of political power in the United States.

First up, in honor of George, i was almost Jr. and then my dad thought better of it, Bush we have Bert and the “National Association of W Lovers”.

And since single letter designation of presidents seems to be the 21st century thing to do, we’re sending this out to tommorow’s president: Barack, It would have been easier if my mom hadn’t thrown Hussein in there, Obama.


~ by Lex on January 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “Street Smarts: presidential transistions”

  1. I hadn’t really thought about the letter thing… why does O look like he’s pulling a fast one on us?

  2. Well, partly just because it happened to be an O song. Partly because both Clinton and the Republicans tried to portray Obama as a snake oil salesman. And partly for the way for the way the O was described.

  3. I think that the O song might send kids the wrong message about buying their letters on the black market. While we never actually see Ernie purchase the O from the clandestine character, we can only assume that for the low, low price of only a nickel, Ernie probably has enough change in his pocket to buy the letter. Of course, O being what it is (a gateway letter), it won’t be long before Ernie can’t make enough words with just O’s, so he’ll move on to A’s… then I’s and U’s and E’s. Pretty soon he won’t be content with just vowels. He’ll end up hustlin’ the Street for change just to feed the [literate] monkey on his back, tryin to hook up an X or V.

    At least Bert had the sense to seek treatment when he realized he’d hit bottom.

  4. The DVD release of the first block of Sesame Street seasons (1969-74, i believe) is labeled for adult viewing only. Cookie Monster smoking a pipe during the “Monsterpiece Theater” sketches, black market letters, strangers being friendly to each other and molesting children, real farmers touching actual cow udders…etc…including the whole, early Oscar the Grouch. These things are not appropriate for today’s pre-school child.

    I watched the old stuff in pre-school and i turned out…oh, wait a minute.

    Sweet, it’s all Sesame Street’s fault.

    But the good news is that your sarcastic fear has been addressed for real.

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