Cowboy up, Mr. almost President

Mr. Almost President,

The “battle” in Gaza rages on. The President has decided that sorting the mess out would be best left to the President Elect. The President Elect is mum, as is his super Secretary of State. So exactly who is driving the bus towards the cliff here? Hamas points the finger at Israel. Israel points the finger at Hamas. And so the wheel turns: the fault lies elsewhere…perhaps in the same place that responsibility is stored away.

But the big question is why there has been no word from you, Mr. Obama. While we may only have one president at a time, that hasn’t stopped the president elect from having snazzy podiums built to reflect his almost position of executive power. So why is he so restrained from issuing an almost statement of where he stands? Your silence speaks unfortunate volumes. Either you have nothing to say or you don’t want to say it.

Well, Mr. almost President, you asked for it. You spent hundreds of millions of dollars for it. You’ve got it. That whooshing sound is a good part of the planet’s collective sigh of disappointment; they had such high hopes for you…and it’s evaporating while you fume about the presidential bubble that’s closing in on your personal life. Again, you asked for it. You have no personal life anymore, and if you wanted something different for your daughters you should have thought about that before you decided that America really needed you.

What we need is a leader who speaks to us like adults (remember that campaign promise?). We certainly don’t need someone who will send out his spin minions to defend his choice of invocation giver but refuses to address issues of substance. If you’re afraid that on this issue you won’t be able to play the middle, you’re both wrong and right. You will have to take a stand, but you might be a voice of moderation and a builder of consensus. You’re not doing anything right now anyhow (since we only have one president at a time…even if we have almost presidential podiums), maybe you should fly off to the Middle East and sit everyone down…bring a little unity.

You might suggest to the Israelis that we’re a little tight on funds right now and those billions we send over to arm them might have to be cut from the budget. You could tell Hamas that there are better ways to get a homeland than firing ineffective rockets into their neighbor’s yard. Perhaps the Israelis need someone to point out how much Gaza has come to resemble the Jewish ghettos of Europe under the rule of Hitler. Why not suggest to Hamas that feeding the Palestinians and providing services would improve the lot of Palestine far more than starting wars they have no hope of winning.

Give ’em the zinger about stupid wars and then explain why this one is as stupid as they come. Nobody will win; “victory” isn’t even possible.

What are you afraid of, Mr. almost President?

It can’t be a fear of disappointing your supporters, as you’ve shown no qualms about that to date. Are you afraid to say that you back Israel basically without condition until after you’re official so that the speech doesn’t come off sounding trite and hypocritical when you woo us with talk of sunrises, hope, and the rest of it?

If you back Israel without condition then just say so; cowboy up, Mr. almost President. If you don’t really back Israel without condition but you’re afraid to step on any toes, then we have a serious problem. Worse, such behavior will bring us many more serious problems over the next four years. Greatness – and that does appear to be what you long for – doesn’t come from triangulation; i don’t care what the Big Dog told you.

Remember the unmuzzled Biden mouthing off about you being tested right off the bat? Well it looks like he was right. I don’t know what it’s like at Columbia and Harvard, but i’ve generally failed the tests that i didn’t even bother to show up for.

At this point i’d like to be sitting here typing to no one about how i disagree with you on this, but i don’t even know if i do agree or disagree with you. I don’t even know if you have a thought on it one way or the other. It’s all quite disappointing, but at least i’m already let down and fully prepared for four years of atrocious foreign policy under your leadership…if we’re lucky enough to see any actual leadership.

The more things change the more they remain the same. Is that what we’re supposed to believe in?


~ by Lex on January 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Cowboy up, Mr. almost President”

  1. Lex,

    I think that you are at the cutting edge in what will be a profound sense of disappointment from Obama supporters. And, this is only the beginning.

    Like y’all did with Bush, I think we’ll be getting a chance to say “I told you so” before too long.


  2. Jeff,

    Thankfully i didn’t have far to fall. I saw/see a great deal of potential, but what’s potential worth? I just hope that i’m proven wrong, though i fear that i’m right. A lot of people worried that he’d be a second Carter, not me. I’ve always worried that he’d be a second Clinton.

  3. … second Clinton, well you have the opportunity to find out with Madam Secretary of State.

    These events scare me. I had rather hoped we elected a new President that would do the right thing, even if it meant he had no chance of re-election. I’m not so sure any more.

    I suspect it is impossible to watch these unfolding events with an eye to what has happened in just the last few weeks. These folks have been watching and hating each other for centuries…

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