Free Rice

The composition of UN World Food Program (WFP) food baskets varies from country to country and region to region, depending upon the eating habits of the people WFP feeds. In countries where rice is a staple part of the diet, WFP provides, on average, about 400 grams of rice per person, per day (for families, including children and adults). That is intended for two meals that include other ingredients to ensure a minimum of 2,100 kilocalories per day. There are about 48 grains of rice in a gram.

At Free Rice you can play vocabulary, math, geography, and foreign language games. They aren’t too fancy, but for each correct answer you donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program. Sure, it will take you a while to feed just one person for one day…but it’s not like you aren’t already sitting there fucking around on the computer. At least with Free Rice you can feel good about it.

Go check it out.


~ by Lex on December 23, 2008.

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