There’s no truth in the news and no news in the truth

Mark Ames, who was on the ground and has years of experience working in Russia, brilliantly dissects the the flagrant propaganda that American media rolled out in the wake of the Russia-Georgia War.

But it was clear even to us, even though we weren’t positively disposed to a Russian handler, that Sasha’s frustration was real. It was as if the Kremlin was so excited that for once in Putin’s term, the Russians lucked into being on the good guys’ side of a major news story, and it made no sense that the “free Western media” (which the Kremlin takes much more seriously than its own cowed media) wouldn’t see the truth, that they’d do the Russian thing and twist reality into propaganda. What was so shameful and embarrassing to me, an American journalist whose own Moscow-based newspaper, The eXile, had just been driven out of existence by these same Kremlin bastards, is that Sasha was rightly frustrated. A Kremlin minder right and the Western journalists wrong? What has this world come to when the Kremlin has a better grasp of the truth than the free Western media?

All the righteous indignation was a crock of shit, and now – almost three months after the fact – The NY Times is willing to suggest that their coverage might have been miles off base. Yet the sources that they name were, in many cases, saying the same thing then that the Times is saying now. Any European news source would have told the inquisitive mind the exact same story that the NY Times is now breaking.

The political grandstanding festooned with tough talk towards Russia and the highest of praise for a two bit, lackey dictator…yep, that was all unadulterated bullshit. They, our leaders and the organizations that we rely on for information, lied straight to our face. They did it while the truth was being plainly spoken just about everywhere but here. It goes to show just how much they respect us: the freely operate under the assumption that we are so ignorant and stupid that they can lie brazenly. And be applauded while they’re getting away with it.

This isn’t the Soviet Union.

Fuck, it would probably be better if this sort of behavior could be explained the State having a jackboot on our collective neck. There are no statues for cathartic destruction when the oppression and manipulation of truth are freely chosen. We’re actually voting for the statues.

And some of us who were saying, “wait a minute,” because we bothered to go looking for the truth that wasn’t even hiding got shouted down. Them bad Russians were obviously up to their old tricks; can’t trust the Russians. Look at them stomp on freedom and democracy. We can’t just let some bully nation go around invading sovereign states. Oh the humanity of bombed cities and refugee camps. We cannot let this stand!

Never mind the hypocrisy of it all. That’s peanuts…nothing more than a symptom of the disease that has us able to be smacked in the face with the truth and then repeat the lie. Hand wringing over how G.W. Bush has led this nation down a disastrous path is bullshit. We followed right along. We did so proudly. We were damn near ready to do it again.

We’re all going to get what we deserve in the worst way if we keep this up.


~ by Lex on December 22, 2008.

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