Goose/gander and pot/kettle

Oh, our illustrious representation…

The auto executives should work for a dollar per year, but Congress obviously deserves a raise. Who could disagree with that? And they’ve set up the system so that automatic pay raises have to be voted down. Such a system probably should not come as a surprise; after all, this is the organization that gives itself the final say on it’s own debt ceiling.

With all the talk about punishing executives who’ve run their companies into the ground and what sort of inquisition like punishment said executives deserve, we have Congress congratulating itself for running the whole nation into the ground.

I think that it’s time for some hearings, and i’ll happily take unpaid leave from the job that i’m lucky to have in order to chair those hearings. When it’s all set and done We the People can argue and vote on whether or not our employees get a raise. Since they seem to think that American manufacturing jobs should pay the lowest possible wage…as if we’re trying to bring them in line with Chinese wages…i think it would only be fitting for us to pay Congress a wage comparable to what it would cost us to outsource their labor to, say, India.


~ by Lex on December 22, 2008.

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