Batten Down the Hatches

On Friday i looked at my lawn and thought, “Gee, maybe i should mow it one last time.”  By this afternoon it was covered in 6+ inches of snow.  Time to start the long, hard slog through another UP winter.  It’s not always easy to stay upbeat about life in the UP, but i’ve got a friend who replies to every UP negative comment, “That’s just winter talking.”  Yeah, the longer it talks, the harder it is to ignore.

But winter veggies are up and running; the reading list is long; and i’m not old enough to dread shoveling yet.  Better yet, we can enter and exit the house without defending the door against the cat.  He wants nothing to do with the outside anymore…just stalking the house for the sound of the furnace turning on.

Work is Prayer, a maxim far easier to apply to shoveling the driveway than data entry.  If it means inhaling the diesel exhaust of the tractor for 4-6 hours, it may also be an ecstatic experience.  Visions of scaling the tree of life up into the spirit realm and all that jazz.  My spirit helper is orange and calls himself Kubota.

And though the Lake is something to behold in the summer with its glimmers and sandy beaches, i’ve got a soft spot for Her in the winter.  Nature isn’t pretty, it’s brutally majestic.  And there are few places where that is more obvious than wintering with Lake Superior.  It’s like having Shiva as a neighbor.

So bring it on, Kitchi-gammi…remind me how small my big brained,  bi-pedaled, fully opposable thumbed self really is.  I’ll spend the next five months pondering the cycle of life, death, and resurrection, and fighting the damned cat for a spot by the heat register.


~ by Lex on November 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “Batten Down the Hatches”

  1. Love this one, Lex

  2. fighting the damned cat for a spot by the heat register.

    You’ll never win. Cats can displace the warmest portions of your matter with their own, escaping detection until the transfer is complete. It’s something to do with quantum entanglement, I think. Schrodinger missed the point entirely.

  3. I think that part of the Lake’s Brutal Majesty are the giant ice formations… Specifically wandering around on them on a clear, moonlight night in February.

  4. This is a part of Michigan I do miss, perhaps especially from the perspective of Florida.

  5. Sometimes i’d be willing to trade you places in the winter…but i wouldn’t give up summer for blood or money.

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