Not Quite in from the Cold

Herman Simm has been charged with espionage and treason.  You’ve probably never heard of Herman Simm, i hadn’t either.  But Mr. Simm was high enough in the Estonian military bureaucracy to handle cyber-warfare and have access to all NATO top-secret documents.  Mr. Simm also worked for Russia.  He’s apparently been a Russian agent since the late 1980’s, becoming more active since the mid 1990’s.

We can assume that the Kremlin knows all about the missile defense shield and a great deal about US/NATO cyber warfare/security.  And as Mr. Simm was “an important player” in developing EU and NATO information protection systems, there may be little that the Kremlin doesn’t know.

Not bad enough?  Well, Mr. Simm also spent some years in charge of granting Estonian security clearances.  How many other Russian agents passed into the Estonian system may never be known.

Russia lost an asset, a damned good asset, but it got lots of information and the outing of Mr. Simm will sow seeds of distrust within NATO that will last a long, long time.  How many other Estonians are working for the Russians?  What about the other Warsaw Pact nations that have since joined NATO?

The only sure thing is that the greatest game continues, and the West just suffered a loss…the full extent of which is not yet known and will probably never be acknowledged.

~ by Lex on November 17, 2008.

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