Sunday Evenin’ Comin Down

It’s Sunday evening and I’m staring down a host of civic decisions. Armed with various non-partisan voting guides I’m ready to proceed. Frankly, this would be easier were I a party member, but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. I’m a resident of Michigan’s 1st Congressional District and the 109th State Congressional District.

State Proposal 1 will permit the use and cultivation of marijuana for specified conditions: yes, yes, yes (can I vote three times?). It sure would be neato to be able to say, “Look, we’re relatively enlightened…or at least not backwards.”

State Proposal 2 will amend the state constitution to allow embryonic stem cell research in Michigan: see above.

City proposal for .35 of one mill to fund the city senior center. The funds are currently being paid out of the general operating budget, and if passed the millage will be offset by a reduction in the general budget. It appears to be a revenue neutral reorganization rather than a tax increase…regardless: yes. It is a cruel man who wants to take pinochle and foot exams away from his elders.

City proposal for .2 of one mill to fund the Iron Ore Heritage Trail construction, management, and maintenance: why the fuck not, it’s only money and it is a pretty cool trail network.

The Democrats are running unopposed for County Clerk, Treasurer, Register of Deeds, Mine Inspector, and Drain Commissioner…so I guess they win.

Sheriff Lovelace (D) has done a fine job for the last 12 years; he leaves me alone so he can stay…besides, his opponent strikes me as everything I’m liable to loathe about law enforcement.

You don’t want to hear all about the exciting races for city commission, do you? Hell, I can’t blame you. Some of our major issues include city-university relations, truck routes through town, and how to fund a city that can only tax 47% of its property. Everyone’s in favor of the first being good; they all evade the second like the plague; and nobody has a clue what to do about the third. Only four of the six bothered to respond to the questionnaire (vote for three), and – get this – the university newspaper couldn’t even find contact information for one. Honestly, I’m still undecided.

25th Circuit Court Judge is a hot one that actually sounds like a win-win, but I’ve heard enough personal recommendations of Jennifer Mazzuchi from people that I respect to give her a whirl.

My two choices for Prosecuting Attorney both sound like jackasses, and one may have gotten her ideas on law enforcement from the Stasi. I’ll be writing my own name in.

For County Commissioner we have one candidate (D) who hasn’t bothered to submit information to the voter’s guides. The other has no party affiliation and sounds like an upstanding, liberal redneck Yooper: Bouma’s got my vote.

109th District State Representative has three candidates. I’ll cross the Democrat off my list because he’s an incumbent, and the last session of the State Legislature was the most inept attempt at government I’ve seen this side of the Bush administration. After the budget and primary fiascos I refuse to vote for any of them for any office ever again. Doreen Takalo (R) doesn’t sound so bad, but she’s not very forthcoming. She did not respond to any of the guide questions and her website still says “nothing yet” under “issues”. Really, nothing yet? For God’s sake it’s the 2nd of November. I’ll be voting for Hendrickson, who has no party affiliation and decided to include this quote from J.Q. Adams in his voter’s guide blurb, “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

I’m not a good person to ask about Michigan’s 1st District Congressional race. I have personal connections to the incumbent, Bart Stupak (D). I disagree with many of his votes, but I get to go to his election night party…yeah, so what, we can all be bought. He is a stand up guy, and his opponents are jokes. Daniel Grow (Libertarian) is liable to turn phrases like this: “…a parasitic and voracious intermediary we call ‘Government.’” Ok, so then why do you want to join the government? Jean Treacy (Green/Socialist) couldn’t be bothered to submit information to any of the guides. She does have quite a platform, and I agree with some of it…at least until she starts veering off into “dictatorship of the proletariat” territory. Joshua Warren (US Tax) is, well, somebody needs to tell Josh that the he shouldn’t bite his lower lip when he smiles for his campaign picture. And “We need to get back to the Constitution” is not enough. And then there’s Tom Casperson. For a brief moment it sounded like the Republicans were going to make a hard run at Stupak’s seat (and it is surprising that a Dem holds it), but then they ended up running Casperson. Tom’s a real “family values” type, who’s dumb as a rock. What kind of fool puts their opponent’s name on their yard sign? Besides, his current gig is as a State Rep (see rule above).

Unfortunately I won’t have the opportunity of voting against Debbie Stabenow for Senate; we had a nice email exchange a while back that won’t be resolved until she’s up for reelection next or I get the opportunity to urinate on her property. Carl Levin (D) is probably safe. Doug Dern (Natural Law) believes the US should have no role in world politics; he blames our economic situation on the credit card companies; but he does think that college should be free. Scotty Bowman (Libertarian) sounds tempting at times, but then he goes off on strange “hard money” rants. If the Libertarians would stop being so kooky they might get a few more votes. Michael Nikitin (US Tax) is against undeclared war but might be for preventative war; the only economic answer is to cut taxes; and he apparently gets really worked up over “big college”. That whole party appears to be batshit crazy. Jack Hoogendyk (R) is all for “freedom”, low corporate taxes, and privatization…go figure. This is going to sound bigoted, but I won’t be voting for a West Michigan Dutchman. Once upon a time, a coffee shop employee in Amsterdam informed me that the Dutch who moved to West Michigan were the most conservative, Bible thumping of the Dutch…and that Holland was happy for us to have the lot of them. Yeah, thanks. I’m voting Green. Harley Mikkelson and I are in agreement on most issues. More importantly, he budgeted $400 for his campaign and does not intend to spend all of it. That’s spare change I can believe in.

Last but not least we’ve got my presidential vote. Honestly, I was going to vote third party this year until McCain careened off to the Right so wildly. Then there was the Palin pick. It’s gotten to the point where I would take a bullet to keep those two out of the White House. I probably would have voted Green. I can’t stand Nader. If Baldwin is a member of the US Taxpayers Party then he’s obviously at least as nutty as Palin. And while I applaud the Libertarians nominating someone who’s actually known and apparently rational, I still can’t forgive Barr for his Clinton hunting antics. So here’s one vote for Obama. It feels much better than my grudging votes against G.W. Bush. Obama’s got potential, but I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope he doesn’t turn out like Clinton. And I’ll admit that I will shed tears of joy and pride if the country I’ve lost so much faith in elects a “black” man with a Muslim name.


~ by Lex on November 3, 2008.

One Response to “Sunday Evenin’ Comin Down”

  1. I’m diggin the blog, bro!

    This one would’ve been a little more helpful if I’d taken the time to look at it before election day, but… what’re you gonna do, right?

    Keep it up

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